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Welcome to LaMana Consulting Foresters

Where we take pride in our unique ability to provide unbiased assessment and recommendations regarding urban trees and forests.

What Makes Us Different?

The trees are greener here

Independent Consulting Arborists

We are not tied to the sale of tree care services, tree work, or any specific outcome of our investigations. We are purely consultants - not contractors - and therefore we are free to work in our clients’ best interest in an unbiased and independent way. We assess trees and devise tree management reports and recommendations in a dispassionate and honest way, free of real or apparent conflicts of interest.


We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of landscape trees as essential amenity and ecological resources. By accurately assessing and diagnosing tree problems, we specify tailored tree-care recommendations in order to help improve the health and longevity of trees as well as growing sustainable urban forests.

Unique Qualifications

We bring decades of practical knowledge regarding tree growth & health, physiology, and management, tempered with practical and real-world experience, giving you actionable, clear and practical arborist reports and expert opinions.

LaMana Consulting Foresters

Michael LaMana

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