LaMana Consulting Foresters, Arborists & Tree Experts

Dedicated to the conservation and management of trees, woodlands and forests in both wild and human-dominated landscapes.

Consulting Arborists & Tree Experts

Consulting Arborists

Tree expertise for individual amenity & landscape trees

Community Forestry

Municipal & governmental forestry and shade-tree consulting

Consulting certified arborists licensed tree experts BCMA RCA Mike LaMana

Forensic Tree Experts

Tree assessment, investigation & expert witness assignments

Woodland Manage

Woodland Forestry

Forest management & stewardship planning

Over 25 years of national and local forestry experience

LaMana Consulting Foresters
For more information please call or text us at 609.493.9888 or use the form below.

Stewardship of Urban Forests and Native Woodlands

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