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Community Forestry

Municipal street trees, homeowner associations (HOAs), easement properties, and urban or suburban woodlands comprise the community forest – one of the most valuable amenity and functional components of the public green infrastructure. Because this green asset is long-lived, negative changes in the community tree population can go unnoticed for decades unless programmatic monitoring and intentional planning are adhered to. In addition to our standard services, we support our municipal clients with specialized expertise including:

Community Planting Trees
  • Community Forest Management Plans for HOAs and governments
  • Street Tree and Right-of-Way Inventory and Management Programs
  • Tree, woodland and green space Ordinance Development and Review
  • Tree City USA Status – Application, Compliance and Consulting
  • Forest Easement Monitoring, Compliance and Reporting
  • Urban & Shade Tree Risk Assessment
  • Municipal & Project Tree Preservation Specifications
  • Training for Municipal Staff, Contractors and Volunteers

Over 25 years of national and local forestry experience

LaMana Consulting Foresters
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Stewardship of Urban Forests and Native Woodlands

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