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Forest Stewardship & Woodland Management Plan ning

Forest management is the scientific application of appropriate silviculture and other forestry principles, practices, and business techniques, to woodland management to achieve the land-manager’s objectives.  In other words, forestry is implemented to provide proper interventions so that a managed woodland remains healthy, vigorous, and productive in ways that are consistent with the landowner’s goals. 

In practice woodland management planning is more of a process than a single event – like the iterative development and execution of a plan integrating all of the principles, practices and techniques necessary to care properly for the forest.

The Forest Management Plan process includes careful identification of landowner goals & objectives, inventory of forest and timber resources, development of a rational, justified management strategy to be used.  This is followed by implementation of silvicultural actions as needed and periodic reevaluation of the efficacy and goals.

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Stewardship of Urban Forests and Native Woodlands

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