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Urban Forestry

Municipal street trees, homeowner associations (HOAs), easement properties, and urban or suburban woodlands comprise the community forest – one of the most valuable amenity and functional components of the public green infrastructure. Because this green asset is long-lived, negative changes in the community tree population can go unnoticed for decades unless programmatic monitoring and intentional planning are adhered to. In addition to our standard services, we support our municipal clients with specialized expertise including:

Consulting Arborist

Trees are perceived differently as a function of their frequency and proximity to human property and activities. For example, in forests trees confer benefits in groups much more so than would an individual tree. Conversely, a single tree growing alongside a busy street could create tremendous value and to many people. Trees in “the woods” are commonly the province of commodity or amenity forestry, while trees in more urbanized settings typically are managed by arborists or tree experts. LaMana Consulting Foresters proudly serves along this entire spectrum from woodland forestry to consulting arboriculture.

Tree failures are often related to improper tree risk assessment standards. The cases can result in injuries and property damage when trees fail from storms, wind, root-damage or decay.

Forensic Tree Experts

Trees occasionally are the subject of disputes, and especially so in amenity-landscape or more urbanized settings.  Tree failures, tree-related accidents and conflicts about tree ownership, rights and trespass can sometimes be resolved with the assistance of an experienced forensic tree expert and, possibly, an arborist serving courts or mediators as a testifying expert witness.  In such situations, we are highly experienced and can provide:

Forest Management

Forest management is the scientific application of appropriate silviculture and other forestry principles, practices, and business techniques, to woodland management to achieve the land-manager’s objectives.  In other words, forestry is implemented to provide proper interventions so that a managed woodland remains healthy, vigorous, and productive in ways that are consistent with the landowner’s goals. 

Woodland Management Plans, for farmland tax assessment and Clean and Green programs, NRCS EQIP forestry plans, are typically prepared by approved consulting foresters in NJ, PA, MD and DE. Other project such as carbon credit programs in forestry may be assisted by the AFF using NRCS TSP foresters.

Why Work with LaMana Consulting Foresters

Our professional consulting arborists and foresters are uniquely qualified by virtue of extensive forestry eduction, as well as University research and teaching experience.


We bring decades of knowledge regarding tree growth & health, physiology, and management, tempered with realworld experience, giving you actionable, clear and practical arborist reports and expert opinions.

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