Consulting Arborist

Our Licensed Tree Experts & Registered Consulting Arborists offer expertise in:

  • Tree Assessment & Reporting
  • Landscape Plant Diagnoses & Forensics
  • Amenity Tree Inventory & Mapping
  • Insect and Disease Identification and Management
  • Plant-Health Management Consulting
  • Contractor Supervision and Quality Assurance
  • Pruning Specifications & Supervision
  • Landscape-Plant Acquisition and Locating Services
  • Soil and Foliage Nutrient Analyses
  • Seminars, Training and Education

Trees are perceived differently as a function of their frequency and proximity to human property and activities. For example, in forests trees confer benefits in groups much more so than would an individual tree. Conversely, a single tree growing alongside a busy street could create tremendous value and to many people. Trees in “the woods” are commonly the province of commodity or amenity forestry, while trees in more urbanized settings typically are managed by arborists or tree experts. LaMana Consulting Foresters proudly serves along this entire spectrum from woodland forestry to consulting arboriculture.

Arboriculture encompasses planting, pruning, plant health care, maintenance, and management of individual trees and – occasionally – woodland areas. By enhancing and preserving the value that trees add to the human frame of reference, professional arborists enable people and trees to peacefully coexist in an environment that provides benefits for the larger ecosystem. With the trend toward increased, diffuse development in areas formerly characterized by primary and secondary woodlands, protection and preservation of the value imparted by a vital tree-population has become – and will likely remain – a major concern of all who interact with the land.

Tree Risk Assessment & Hazardous Tree Evaluation

Tree structural integrity and tree vigor are different things. Even with ‘healthy looking’ trees, defects like cavities, cracks, and interior anomalies might signal obscured structural problems that too often are discovered after a tree fails. The determination of tree defects and risks, and whether a tree might be hazardous, is a professional specialty within arboriculture that incorporates specialized standards, techniques, training and tools.

Why Work with LaMana Consulting Foresters

Our professional consulting arborists and foresters are uniquely qualified by virtue of extensive forestry eduction, as well as University research and teaching experience.


We bring decades of knowledge regarding tree growth & health, physiology, and management, tempered with real-world experience, giving you actionable, clear and practical arborist reports and expert opinions.

30 Years Experience

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