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LaMana Forensic Tree Expert 1000

Forensic Investigation & Tree Failure Analysis

When a tree or tree-part breaks or permanently deforms in response to a force applied by the environment, we say that the tree has failed. Such tree failures often result from many factors interacting over long periods of time, before one factor creates a stress that the tree can no longer withstand. Determination of primary versus contributing factors, as well as the degree to which these might have been knowable, is a specialty within arboriculture that LaMana Consulting Foresters offers to our clients.

Litigation & Insurance Claims Support

Michael LaMana provides expert witness services as a consulting forensic expert and testifying expert and has done so for over & arboriculture He is proven in depositions, arbitrations, and trials, both bench and jury, and has taken on such assignments in many states around the United States. Mr. LaMana has been qualified as an expert witness at trials in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Michael LaMana, Expert Witness

Michael LaMana understands that the right expert witness can make your case and has participated in countless cases and investigations. He knows what’s involved and can help you to streamline the entire process, saving you time and energy.

No more wasting time with unprofessional consultants leading you on and providing less than desirable results.

With Michael LaMana you will get timely, professional testimony that will help make you and your client look good and help you focus on winning your case.

Michael LaMana has been accepted by numerous Courts of Law and Land Use Boards as a testifying expert regarding arboriculture, landscape management, and forestry in several states including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Why Work with LaMana Consulting Foresters

Our professional consulting arborists and foresters are uniquely qualified by virtue of extensive forestry eduction, as well as University research and teaching experience.


We bring decades of knowledge regarding tree growth & health, physiology, and management, tempered with real-world experience, giving you actionable, clear and practical arborist reports and expert opinions.

30 Years Experience

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